the smartgirls findings blog

www.smartgirls.tv is website which forms part of a research project looking at the kinds of stories wider culture is telling about achieving girlhood, and how girls themselves are engaging with those stories. In encouraging young women to discuss their TV and film viewing and their experiences in school, the study seeks insights into their experiences of the expectations and behaviours surrounding girlhood and achievement

This blog attempts to address the issue that research rarely benefits young participants directly nor communicates findings to them;  while working on the academic publication I aim to offer the results to younger audiences and their teachers in an accessible format. Each post will cover a key section of the project and offer questions for further discussion which teachers may find useful.

I hope some of the girls participating in the study (either online or in the school interviews) will find their way here, find the material interesting and perhaps add their comments

If you would like more information in advance of academic publication of the research, please email me


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